Gmail For Business aka GSuite Promo Codes

I use GSuite at Pressbooks. They used GSuite when I worked at SSENSE. They used GSuite when I worked at Frank And Oak. Honestly, does anyone not use GSuite? Then these promo codes are for you.

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G Suite Basic Plan: L47N3QWVDKQWKNF
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PHP Code Of Conduct, Discussion

« I note that after much hue and cry, and many arguments, I still do not know what color this bikeshed will be.

I feel I have been informed of the many examples of problems with colors, cultural relevance of specific hues, details of paint techniques, anecdotes of past experiences with varying colors, larger socio-economic issues reflected through color choices, philosophy of colors, philosophy *about* the philosophy of color, legal and moral issues confronted during color evaluation, the impact of other bikeshed color choices, and how specific colors (and patterns) are under-represented, the finer details of paint application personel selection, and how certain colors are representative of larger social issues being played out in microcosms in individual environments…

….but I still do not know what color this bikeshed will be.

Please advise. »