A Book of Generative Poetry

reiterations is an electronic-book containing 24 sonnets. Depending on the e-book reader that is used, each time reiterations is opened, or each time a page in the book is turned, a JavaScript software integrated into the book recomposes the book’s 24 sonnets. In this way, the book automatically generates a new and unique reading experience with each reading. Each time the poems are generated the previous versions are lost and cannot be retrieved. The number of unique sonnets produced by the software is inhumanly vast.

(I have a software credit on this project.)


Fail Fast

My wife, my daughter, and I moved to Japan end of last year.

KIZU514, or me as a freelancer, was based on the idea that my wife would support our family in Japan while I would be some sort of bonus income.

We sacrificed a lot to get here but unfortunately Japan isn’t working out. We are disappointed but all things considered our adventure must end prematurely.

Moving forward I’m trying to find our way back to Montreal. That plan involves me looking for a job with health insurance.

I will keep running KIZU514 as a professional blog.

Waiting room
I am a patient boy…

KIZU 514 Logo

KIZU 514 Logo


Once upon a time this was the brand identity for an online forum called NULLWHORE. Our slogan was “It’s like the early 1900’s where intellectuals and artists stabbed each other while drinking absinthe in European cafes.” It was a group trying to create an art movement named PRE-POCALYPSE. We threw weird parties and typed a lot of shit… We’re older and more respectable now, right?

From here on in this is the logo for KIZU 514, my internet software consulting company.