How To Study And Pass The PSD-I Assessment From

The Professional Scrum Developer I assessment is a 60 minute time boxed test where you answer 80 multiple choice type questions. It costs $200 to take and the passing score is 85%.

I took the test September 14, 2016 and passed. My Score was 71 points (or 88.8%) PSD-I Certificate

Here’s how I studied:

Install Recoll.

Create a directory  where you store any studied document. Setup an appropriate indexing strategy so that Recoll search is rebuilt every time you add a new document to your Scrum study folder.

Study the following documents:

Save the above documents into your study folder.

Read posts in the forum.

Once a day, for at least a few weeks, do the SCRUM OPEN, PRODUCT OWNER OPEN, and DEVELOPER OPEN assessments. When you finish an open assessment it will let you print a summary of your results. Save every summary in your study folder.

Keep doing the open assessments until you consistently get 100% every time

Keep doing the open assessments until you’ve seen every possible question.

The day before doing the test, take the time to create a single open assessments master document. Copy, paste (and study) all the information from all the open assessment summaries into the master document. When creating your master document avoid duplicate questions. Having to search through duplicates will slow you down.

Ignore any resource that doesn’t come from

When you’re ready, pay money to do the test, use your Recoll index to search for help when you don’t know an answer.

Good luck.

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  1. hey Dac, thanks for sharing your xp in PSD-I assessment. I have planed to take the assessment next week. I am reading continuous delivery book by Jaz Humble right now. Is there any book you recommend I should read before the day of assessment?
    How much it is useful to read open assessments? Are their questions used in final assessment?

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