Scrum Master (PSM-I) Certified

The Professional Scrum Master I assessment is a 60 minute time boxed test where you answer 80 multiple choice type questions. The passing score is 85%.

Last time, for my PSD I certification, I studied all by myself.

This time, I participated in a 2 day crash course given by agile coach Pawel Mysliwiec of Pyxis. The course was in French. It was much better than studying alone. It was fun to meet like minded Scrum practitioners.

I took the test April 9, 2017 and passed. My Score was 74 points (or 92.5%)

I now have two pieces of flair:

3 thoughts on “Scrum Master (PSM-I) Certified”

    1. The teacher suggested Scrum – A Pocket Guide (Best Practice – Van Haren Publishing) and to review what a Burn down chart is. He also said when you have doubts think of the following three elements:

      + “It depends” type answers will often be correct.
      + Answers that encourage *others* to self-organize in questions such as ‘What would *you* do …’ will most likely be correct.
      + Words like ‘has to’, ‘must’, ‘need to’, ‘can not’ are indications of wrong answers.

      Hope this helps.

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