L’ Ordre secret

Tous les frères ont un esprit identique.
Sa force réside dans son ensemble.
La doctrine du sacrifice personnel.
Aimer son peuple d’un amour véritable,
l’aimer objectivement sans intérêt personnel,
sans aveuglement, est une voie raisonnée et pratique.
Nous travaillons pour la cause,
pas pour les éloges.
Nous cherchons une action efficace.
La fraternité chez nous est une force unifiante et non assimilatrice.
Elle ne tue pas la personnalité mais seulement l’individualisme.
Cherche le bien général.

Install Upgraded GNU Bash on a Macbook Pro

When you get a new Macbook Pro with M1 chip you get an old version of Bash.

Bash isn’t old. It’s still being maintained. It has millions of Linux and Windows users. Here’s how to put the newest version of Bash back inside your MacOS box.

Prerequisite: Install Homebrew. (Install iTerm2 for good measure.)

Install Bash and the bare minimum of things things you would expect it to have:

brew install bash bash-completion lesspipe 

Verify that it’s installed:

which -a bash
There are now different Bash versions on your Mac, choose the newest one.

Add it to your /etc/shells file:

sudo nano /etc/shells
List of acceptable shells.

Change your default shell to the new Bash:

chsh -s /opt/homebrew/bin/bash

Create a .profile and .bashrc that resembles what you would see in Ubuntu 22.04’s /etc/skel folder:

From here, create your .bash_aliases and make all the other adjustments you’ve been doing since 1989… Bash not dead!

A Book of Generative Poetry

reiterations is an electronic-book containing 24 sonnets. Depending on the e-book reader that is used, each time reiterations is opened, or each time a page in the book is turned, a JavaScript software integrated into the book recomposes the book’s 24 sonnets. In this way, the book automatically generates a new and unique reading experience with each reading. Each time the poems are generated the previous versions are lost and cannot be retrieved. The number of unique sonnets produced by the software is inhumanly vast.

(I have a software credit on this project.)